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Calorie Shifting – Intro

January 10th, 2011

calorie shiftingHi Maria here,

now before we look any closer into calorie shifting, let’s answer the most commonly asked questions from people on a diet:

  • How much am I actually allowed to eat?
  • How many calories can I eat each day in order to lose weight fast?

Many diets set calorie guidelines based on “body weight & height” (and sometimes they factor in “activity level” also).

Most weight loss counselors are using these same types of daily calorie guidelines too.

They instruct people to follow a specific “daily calorie limit”, which is based on their weight & height and their activity level.

They might ,for example, tell you to eat 2,000 calories per day if you weigh a certain amount and if you describe yourself as “active”.

Compared to calorie shifting this is a very hard way to try and lose weight.


The truth is, that it’s quite ridiculous to follow a specific calorie limit each day, since every person has a different metabolism level, which is exactly why calorie shifting works.

You cannot judge your metabolism by your activity level either, since there are plenty of people with higher activity levels but who are overweight nonetheless due to a slower than normal metabolism.

For example, if you take 2 people who weigh 165 lbs and who have the same activity level each day, then there is no guarantee that their metabolisms will be operating at the same general level.  In fact, it’s quite possible that one person’s metabolism will be nearly twice as fast as the other person’s metabolism.

Also, there is another reason why following a specific “daily caloric guideline” is not even nearly as effective as calorie shifting.

You see, your body doesn’t burn calories on a “per day” basis, your body burns calories on a “per meal” basis.  Your body doesn’t burn calories based on what time the sun rises and sets, it burns calories throughout the day as you eat them.

This means that following some arbitrary “daily caloric guideline” is not going to make you any thinner, since you must actually learn to spread out your daily food across more than 3 meals per day in order to lose weight fast, which is the basic principle for calorie shifting.

To speed up your metabolism you must eat more often, not less often.  You must eat more than 3 meals per day, and you must not follow some arbitrary caloric guideline each day. Calorie Shifting does exactly that.

Also, it’s quite easy to figure out how big your food portions need to be when trying to lose weight, and it has nothing to do with counting calories.

In fact, people who count calories usually fail at weight loss, and that’s because counting calories doesn’t work and in our hectic life’s can be somewhat disturbing.

The calorie shifting plan has created a way to choose your food portions at each meal which doesn’t involve counting calories at all.

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet for example, the most popular calorie shifting diet even provides you with an Online Diet Generator.

It creates an 11 Day Menu, which allows you to eat more than 3 meals per day — and it also allows you to eat until you feel satisfied.

No calorie counting here.

The calorie shifting diet also allows 3 cheat days every 11 days, which makes it extremely easy to stick with it.

Click right HERE to learn more about Calorie Shifting.

Don’t forget to let me know, how it went, maybe post your success story right here on my blog!!

Check out some sample Menu Plans, the calorie shifting diet has to offer.


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